16 April 2024

Il Salone delle Lingue IALCA giunge alla sua 5ª edizione

The 5th Salone delle Lingue organised by IALCA will be held in Rome in October 2024. The program of the fair will be organised according to the innovative and successful B2B2C formula: a blend of the classic B2B meetings schools/agencies and the opening to the public with a touch of relaxing and informal B2B occasions such as the welcome evening light buffet on the first day and the Gala Dinner on the second day. The previous editions of the Salone reached flattering numbers: more than 180 foreign schools, agents and sponsors and the Embassy of USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Spain together with high-ranking officials from Italian Institutional bodies that took part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the event.

Over the years the Fair registered more than 5.000 visitors, mainly high school and university students, teachers, parents and foreign language enthusiasts of all ages, who were welcomed by agencies and schools, and got all the information for choosing a language course or an educational pathway abroad.  “Our Country is one of the top markets in the sector with numbers fully recovered in the year 2023, and the Salone is a unique opportunity to showcase the full range of quality study pathways abroad to the Italian students.” says Pina Foti, IALCA president “That is exactly what the Salone delle Lingue IALCA aims to, and we are so excited to see that the popularity of our Fair issteadily growing over the years both among Italian public and private schools and foreign schools.”

Ogni anno moltissimi giovani scelgono le agenzie IALCA per organizzare la loro esperienza di studio all’estero…

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